International business brings many nice new contacts around the world International business brings many nice new contacts around the world

Going International

Going international is an effective way for growing your business. The purpose can be to explore new markets, to spread risks, to source from suppliers abroad or to innovate faster. International cooperation brings the market volume which you need to have a return as quick as possible on your investments in an innovative new product. Furthermore it allows you to work with the best possible talents, technologies and suppliers around the world. However, as always the benefits do not come without efforts. For success in international business, efforts are needed for preparing export plans, establishing international cooperations, selecting partners, establishing supply chains or transfering competences.
We like to help your business to go international, with:
  • International Matchmaking.
  • Business development and preparation of business models.
  • Representation of your company abroad.
  • Quality and Industrial Scans for assessing the performance of potential or current suppliers.
  • Establish and facilitate the international cooperation, for example with working abroad, intercultural management and with team building.
  • Providing interim professionals for International Project Management.
  • Provide training and coaching on subjects such as engineering, product development and project management in the context of international innovation.
    Our international experience is in sectors such as the electronics industry, construction, ICT and water. We have a local representation in Taiwan for projects in Asia, in particular in Taiwan, China and Japan