Paper of Dream Chip and TechToBizz in July 2014 issue Bits & Chips Paper of Dream Chip and TechToBizz in July 2014 issue Bits & Chips

Image Processing for Self-Driving Cars

In July 2014 the Dutch high-tech magazine Bits&Chips published a special about image processing. The special included a paper by TechToBizz and the German partner company Dream Chip on how image processing can bring self-driving cars on the road in the near future.
Advanced driver assistance systems (Adas) will play a crucial role in future cars. They will be important for building a broad acceptance in the society of self-driving vehicles.
Adas will bring more and more sensors in the car. That will cause a need for a significant improvement of cost, reliability and functionality. This can be achieved by using cameras. Potential applications for the systems with cameras are Intelligent Parking, Lane Departure Warning, Corner look-ahead, Blind-spot Warning and Night-Vision.
The paper shows how this role for image processing can be implemented, using the architecture as chosen by Dream Chip. A suitable image processing technology with a simultaneous use of different cameras makes Adas systems more simple and affordable. With the special Dream Chip architecture a large amount of information from the different cameras can be processed in a good and efficient way. The paper in Bits & Chips (in Dutch) provides further insight. Please note: access to the site is possible for registered users. Registration is free of charge.